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Sleeveless top. Top twisted on the front creating gathers. ..
Rs 1,100
Two-toned dress with a bow to be tied on the top. Dress with white trims at the armholes. Wide white border sewn at the base of the dress...
Rs 1,900
Outfit made up of two pieces: a top and a skirt.  Top with a boat neckline with white edging at the armhole. Large volume creating a draped effect.  Wide strip sewn at the base of the top. Two-colored elasticated skirt.  Strips sewn on the front of the skirt creating a curve-like effe..
Rs 2,100
Dress with thin vertical strips sewn at the shoulder line, revealing the skin. At the back, the dress is sewn into a wide necklace collar...
Rs 1,900
Top with one bat sleeve. Great volume, in a draped-like manner. Top with one strap only. Gatherings at the shoulder and on the middle of the strap...
Rs 1,275
Two-colored sleeveless top with a V-shaped neckline.  Loose-fitting garment. Black yoke sewn at the shoulder line...
Rs 1,275
Outfit made up of two pieces: a tank top and a jacket. Tank top with rounded neckline. Long-sleeved two-toned jacket. Wide strip sewn on the outline of the jacket, creating a piping effect. ..
Rs 1,600
Cache-coeur dress, gathered at the shoulder line and just before the belt. The front and back of the dress feature an asymmetrical belt with an oblique cut...
Rs 1,900
Long-sleeved top. Strip gathered and wrapped on the front side. Wide wrapped two-toned strip to be tied in a scarf-like manner...
Rs 1,400
Two-toned dress featuring a boat neck. Dress featuring a trompe l’oeil effect as a top and pencil skirt. Two-coloured rectangular strip sewn at the shoulder line. Thin black belt sewn between the top and the skirt, creating an edging effect at the base of the top...
Rs 1,900
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