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The Caravelle collection- line of garments takes us on a trip aboard ships where aesthetics merge with mechanical beauty.


The ship is no longer seen as a marine transport, but rather as an architectural setting with its straight lines, its curves and geometrical lines.


Annabelle Fleury draws her inspiration from the different types of ships, ranging from the simple canoe to the wide vessel, and in the variety of shapes that she takes pleasure in observing and recreating.


The designer is inspired by the triangular shape of the sails of the caravels, of schooners or frigates, and adopts for her dresses an assembly of oblique cuts in a clean line.


With their horizontal and diagonal lines, the bamboo slats of the sails of the junks look like a fan. The designer draws her inspiration from this layout and her dresses are adorned with thin horizontal and diagonal strips, delicately revealing the skin at the waist and shoulder line.


Annabelle Fleury borrows from the protruding lines of these ships having oversized hulls the wide cuts and oversized volumes of her outfits. The closet is filled with wide bat sleeves and tops with trapezoid cuts which recall the huge structure of cruise liners and vessels.


The complexity of the rigging of the ships, a visual labyrinth of ropes, inspires the designer. Annabelle Fleury imagines clothes that combine overlapping and piling up. The outfits are filled with overlapping and entanglement of strips. 


This collection is an ode to the beauty of boats, these masterpieces with an extra touch of soul, which are endless sources of inspiration.

Outfit made up of two pieces: a sleeveless top and a skirt. Sleeveless top with a rounded neckline and white edging at the armhole. Three-colored elasticated skirt. The front of the skirt is composed of juxtaposition and superposition of strips, creating a graphic-like effect on the outfit...
Rs 2,500
Three-colored dress with boat neck and kimono sleeves. On the front of the dress, assembly of geometrical strips creating a graphic-like effect. The front and back of the dress are adorned with a yoke belted at the waist. ..
Rs 2,300
Outfit made up of two pieces: a top and a skirt.  Top with a boat neckline with white edging at the armhole. Large volume creating a draped effect.  Wide strip sewn at the base of the top. Two-colored elasticated skirt.  Strips sewn on the front of the skirt creating a curve-like effe..
Rs 2,100
Sleeveless two-toned dress with a rounded neckline. On the front, there’s a cut at the shoulder line and thin horizontal strips sewn at the waistline, delicately revealing the skin. Wide strip sewn at the base of the dress...
Rs 2,100
Dress with thin vertical strips sewn at the shoulder line, revealing the skin. At the back, the dress is sewn into a wide necklace collar...
Rs 1,900
Two-toned dress with an oblique cut at the base and a cleft at the side. On the right, an asymmetrical yoke on which is sewn a black yoke. The black yoke at the neckline extends to the front of the dress into a strap. The cut turns out into a cleavage on the front. At the back, overlapping double st..
Rs 2,100
Dress with two straps overlapping on the front. Plunging neckline at the back...
Rs 1,900
Two-colored dress made up of a wide strip gathered at the waist. A strip reaches the neck and extends to the front of the dress. Wide strip sewn at the base of the dress...
Rs 1,900
Two-toned dress with a wide black border sewn at the neckline. On the left, a wide strip with large volume gathered at the waist and in a drape-like manner. On the front and back, yoke belted at the waist...
Rs 1,900
Outfit made up of two pieces: a strapless dress and a top. Two-colored strapless dress, black at the base. Panel with an oblique cut overlapping the lower part of the dress. Wide strips sewn at the base of the dress.  Two-toned top with a rounded necklace and black edging at the armhole. Top wi..
Rs 2,500
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