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The Haras collection - line of garments takes us into an incredible trip in the world of horses.

For this collection, Annabelle Fleury drew her inspiration from the ornamentation of horses’ coats. The designer borrows from the uneven and diverse forms of the markings present on numerous horses for the dresses of this collection.
The designer also drew her inspiration from the numerous shapes of horses’ facial markings, found on their forehead. Whether star-like or taking the shape of a patch or a strip, these forms, usually geometrical and either vertical, horizontal or oblique, inspired Annabelle Fleury and her garments.
Annabelle Fleury’s new range of outfits is made up of a flowing style composed of an array of gatherings, pleats and cuts that recall the mane of horses when running in the plains. The collection also contains cloaks with delicate drapes.
This collection is an ode to the beauty of horses, these graceful beings endowed with power and elegance, which are timeless sources of endless inspiration.
Sleeveless dress with a rounded neckline. Cut creating a curve-like pattern on the front of the dress.  Neckline on the front. Yoke sewn across the shoulders. Mesh fabric revealing the skin...
Rs 2,300
Sleeveless dress with a rounded neckline. Rounded cut creating a plunging neckline on the front and back of the dress. Mesh fabric revealing the skin...
Rs 2,300
Dress with an oblique cut on the lower part of the dress, and slitted on the side. Gatherings on the upper part of the dress and on the straps, creating a draped effect. Rectangular strip layered on the gatherings...
Rs 2,100
Outfit made up of two pieces: a strapless dress and a cape. Two-coloured strapless dress. The cape has an oblique cut and great volume. The cape is gathered on the front creating a draped effect. A rectangular strip is layered on the gatherings. At the back, natural pleats...
Rs 2,500
-0 %
Outfit made up of two pieces: a top and a skirt. Sleeveless top with rounded neckline.  Oblique-cut panelsewn to the top. Two-coloured elasticated skirt. Diagonal strips sewn on the front of the skirt...
Rs 2,300 Rs 2,300
Two-toned sleeveless dress with a V-neckline. On the front and back of the dress, blending of black strips creating a print-like design on the outfit...
Rs 2,100
Two-coloured dress with a V-neckline, partially belted at the waist. Dress with butterfly sleeves which are slitted in the middle...
Rs 2,100
Two-toned dress with a boat neck, with a border on the left armhole and a slitted mancheron to the right...
Rs 1,900
Sleeveless two-toned dress. On the front, the strips are sewn at the top, creating a cut that reveals the skin. On the front and back, oblique strips sewn at the base of the dress...
Rs 2,100
-0 %
Dress with two-coloured straps on the front. At the back, three two-toned strips sewn vertically and sewn to a wide collar...
Rs 2,100 Rs 2,100
-0 %
Robe bicolore composée de bandes placées obliquement et créant une découpe laissant apparent la peau. Bandes assemblées à un large col collier...
Rs 1,900 Rs 1,900
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