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With the Jeux de lumière collection - line of garment, we plunge into a poetic world made up of lights and shadows. 

For this collection, the designer draws her inspiration from the interplay of lights and shadows that merge together to create pieces of art. When light is projected on a level surface, shadows take infinite forms and patterns are created.
The imprints thus formed are sources of creativity for the designer for whom the shadows cast by venetian blinds, stained-glass windows or barred windows become works of art. Through a playful effect of light and shadow, someone’s face, one’s back, or an arm, can become like tattoos on the skin. These « light-tattooed » shadows form geometrical patterns on one’s skin, from which the designer draws her inspiration for her garments.
The closet is thereby filled with pieces which allude to this interplay of light, where the garment, as if a shadow, dresses up the body. Annabelle Fleury’s collection is filled with thin diagonal and horizontal strips that are sewn to armholes or necklines so as to recall the patterns made by shadows of venetian blinds or barred windows.
When the source of light is far away, the rays of light are parallel, but they diverge when the source of light is nearer. This technique inspired the designer in her garments which combine an overlapping and entanglement of strips within the same garment to recall the different projection angles of a shadow.
With this collection, Annabelle Fleury emphasizes the beauty of nature and gives a poetic dimension to the interplay between shadows and light.
Dress with a heart neckline on the front and consisting of thin straps overlapping and juxtaposing. Wide straps at the back of the dress...
Rs 2,100
Dress with a rounded neckline and a rounded cut. Thin straps sewn to the right shoulder line. Thin straps diagonally sewn to the rounded cut. ..
Rs 2,100
Sleeveless dress with a V neckline. Dress with thin diagonal strips sewn at the shoulder line. Panel with an oblique cut sewn to the dress...
Rs 2,100
Long-sleeved dress with thin diagonal strips sewn on the front of the dress. ..
Rs 2,100
V-neck dress with an elastic waist on the front and back of the dress. Thin horizontal strips sewn at the armhole...
Rs 1,900
Sheath dress with a rounded neckline and an elastic waist. Top with great volume, creating a draped-like effect. Wide horizontal strips sewn at the armhole. Skirt made up of an asymmetrical panel sewn to the upper part of the dress. ..
Rs 2,300
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