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The Cardinal collection- line of garments takes us to the world of tropical birds, where extraordinary shapes merge with a wide range of colours.

For this collection, Annabelle Fleury draws her inspiration from the decorations on the feathers of tropical birds. The collection is thus comprised of two-toned outfits recalling the two-coloured feathers of exotic birds. The red/black two-toned yokes sewn on the front of dresses recall the red cardinal which is adorned with a black mask that goes down to his breast.


The designer also got inspired by the streaked feathers of various exotic birds. Thus, the dresses of the collection are adorned with thin stripes that can be observed on the feathers of the red fody or the red avadavat.


For her dresses, Annabelle Fleury chooses an assembly of shapes in different shades of pink, recalling the pink-tinted feathers of the pink pigeon or of the flamingo.  The different yokes of pink on the dresses fit together to create a harmonious blend of colours.


A bird’s flight, a common symbol of liberty, is one of the sources of inspiration of the designer. Annabelle Fleury creates loose fitting tops as an echo to the spreading of the birds’ wings during takeoff.  The fineness of wraps of the collection creates a wrinkled effect and evokes the long feathers of birds.


Annabelle Fleury designs a fluid line through the use of refined cuts. Some of her outfits are off-white to recall the tropical birds of sober colours which breathe of liberty, such as the Paille-en-Queue.


This collection is an ode to the beauty of tropical birds, these treasures of the fauna that are timeless and endless sources of inspiration.

Two-coloured dress with a round neckline. Dress featuring a trompe l’oeil effect as a top and pencil skirt.  Top featuring a rounded cut on the front and back. Thin black belt sewn between the top and the skirt, creating an edging effect at the base of the top...
Rs 1,900
Dress with wide straps on the front. On the back, double interwoven straps...
Rs 1,900
Two-toned dress, black in the back. Sleeveless dress featuring a round neckline. Thin black strips sewn vertically on the middle front. Wide black strips sewn diagonally on the sides of the dress.   ..
Rs 2,100
Sleeveless two-toned dress with a round neckline. Thin black strip sewn at the neckline. On the middle front and back of the dress, a wide black strip sewn vertically. Wide border sewn at the hemline...
Rs 1,900
Asymmetrical sleeveless dress with a rounded cut on the front. Rounded plunging neckline on the front. On the lower part of the dress, sewing of wide three-coloured strips...
Rs 2,100
Three-coloured sleeveless dress with a round neckline. On the lower part of the dress, on the front, sewing of rounded strips. The front and back of the dress feature a yoke belted at the waist. Asymmetrical belt featuring a round cut...
Rs 2,100
Outfit made up of two pieces: a strapless dress and a jacket. Long two-toned jacket without sleeves, black on the lining. Loose fitting on the front and back. Jacket featuring an oblique cut, creating a wrapped design. ..
Rs 2,500
Sleeveless dress with a round neckline. Black yoke sewn at the shoulder line. Yoke belted at the waist. Wide black strip sewn on the right side of the dress. Wide strip separating at the dress’s hemline, creating a slit. ..
Rs 2,100
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