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The Holika collection is a creative project imagined by the designer Annabelle Fleury. This project saw the collaboration of a team of young Mauritians sharing an avid interest for the world of fashion: the photographer Sanjiven Marday (Guruarts), the make-up artist Emily François (Créa Ti Vi Té d’Emily), the model Chandré Meiring and the designer Annabelle Fleury (Oriya). In this project, each of the members was able to express his skills, art and sensitivity.


The Holika collection pays a tribute to India, drawing inspiration from the Holi festival. The designer Annabelle Fleury carries us away in the mood of that festival. The dresses of her collection are flecked, recalling the Holi ritual which consists of chasing each other with coloured water.


The variety of colours of this festival is echoed in Annabelle Fleury’s outfits as the garments are of bright and contrasting colours. Annabelle Fleury designs a geometrical line through the juxtaposition and overlapping of strips of fabrics combined to the different shimmering colours. In this way, the entanglement of violet, orange and fuchsia strips on the same outfit recalls the riot of colours on clothes and bodies when everyone plays and chases each other in the streets.


Annabelle Fleury created an oriental atmosphere for this collection; the patterns on her dresses recall the designs of Mehndi. The aqua-marine designs on a cobalt blue background structure the figure. The Holi festival calls for wonder, it’s a feast filled with an array of symbols. The colours are symbolic and the shades of blue chosen for this collection represent calm and harmony. Green is a symbol for vitality, orange for optimism and red for pureness, joy and love.


This collection is all about the beauty of the Holi festival and its incredible colours that bring joy and magic to its participants.


Sleeveless dress with a round neckline. Strips sewn on the front, creating Indian designs. The front and back of the dress feature a yoke belted at the waist. Thin belt featuring an obtuse angle...
Rs 2,100
Sleeveless dress with a round neckline. Panel sewn and gathered at the shoulder line like wraps. Yoke belted at the waist. Strips sewn on the lower part of the dress, creating Indian designs...
Rs 1,900
Sleeveless three-coloured dress featuring a round neckline. On the front of the dress, sewing of geometrical strips creating the illusion of graphic prints...
Rs 2,100
Three-coloured dress featuring gatherings at the shoulder line. Gathered yoke on the sides and sewn on the top part of the dress. On the lower part of the dress, assembly of rounded strips, creating the illusion of graphic prints...
Rs 1,900
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