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The Venise collection – line of garments takes us to an incredible trip at the heart of the Mediterranean. Annabelle Fleury is inspired by the Mediterranean architecture, especially the linear forms and refined lines of its buildings. Annabelle Fleury’s designs have a fluid line through the use of refined cuts. The delicacy of wraps is one of the key features of that collection. It can be found in dresses designed with overlapping panels as well as on tops through the use of scarves. The dresses are fitted with wraps, revealing bare arms and shoulders. Through this collection, Annabelle Fleury wishes to suggest a Mediterranean trip where stylishness and sobriety are one.

The Mediterranean style is characterised by the aesthetics of curved lines and the use of rough materials such as wrought iron.  Ironwork, which is specific to the artistic movement of modern style, has a decorative and aesthetic function in Mediterranean buildings. Wrought iron decorations are often present in the construction industry, on balustrades or decorative objects. Wrought iron, one of the greatest symbols of the Mediterranean style, is worked in curls. This shape is recalled in Annabelle Fleury’s collection through the use of interweaving patterns on the dresses. The designer chooses an assembly of forms for her dresses, using colours such as black and different shades of pink. The different yokes on the dresses fit together to create a harmonious blend of colours. 
This collection is filled with shimmering colours, recalling the cheerfulness and friendliness of the Mediterranean atmosphere. The garments are in fluorescent pink, pink coral hues and vermilion red. Grey is for the colour of the floors paved with marble or terrazzo. The walls of Mediterranean houses are enhanced through colours that evoke a floral and rural setting. The collection is thus comprised of shades of violet, recalling the lavender fields of the Mediterranean regions. 
This collection, ascribed to the Mediterranean, is a tribute to this land which timelessly makes us relive the glory of a legacy filled with history.
Outfit made up of two pieces: a strapless dress and an asymmetrical top. A one-shoulder top featuring one long sleeve. In the back, a gathered strip sewn to the bustier and extending on the front...
Rs 2,100
Jumpsuit. Sleeveless top featuring wide strips sewn diagonally on the front. Wide ruched belt at the waist. Elasticated bare back featuring a loop on the back...
Rs 2,100
Three-coloured sleeveless dress. The back of the dress is black. Wide two-toned highneck wrapped on the front.  On the front, an assembly of geometrical strips, creating the illusion of graphic prints. ..
Rs 2,100
Sleeveless three-coloured dress featuring a round neckline. On the front and back of the dress, an assembly of geometrical strips, creating the illusion of graphic prints. Dress featuring a wide border at the hemline. Assembly of geometrical strips on the border...
Rs 2,100
Outfit made up of two pieces: a dress and a jacket. Sleeveless dress featuring a round neckline. Wide yoke belted at the waistline. Two-toned belt on yoke. Belt can be tied in front or at the sides.  Long-sleeved jacket...
Rs 2,500
Outfit made up of two pieces: a dress and a removable belt. Two-coloured dress featuring an extra large two-toned highneck, to be worn wrapped on the front. The inner side of the highneck is black. Two-coloured belt at the waist and to be tied at the side...
Rs 2,100
Outfit made up of two pieces: a strapless dress and a top. A strapless dress featuring a black yoke belted at the waist. A black one-shoulder top featuring one long sleeve. Top wrapped on the side and gathered at the shoulder line...
Rs 2,100
Long-sleeved top. Strip gathered and wrapped on the front side. Wide wrapped two-toned strip to be tied in a scarf-like manner...
Rs 1,400
Three-coloured long-sleeved dress featuring a round neckline. On the front, juxtaposition and overlapping of wide strips. Wide strips featuring an obtuse angle, giving the illusion of graphic prints on the outfit. ..
Rs 2,100
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