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The garments from the Old Port-Louis collection are a tribute to Port-Louis, capital of Mauritius, and its rich past. The traditional Creole houses, the beautiful colonial homes or the old Chinese shops that were once part of the capital and which have slowly but surely been replaced by sky-scrapers are what inspired the designer for this collection.


With the outfits of this collection, Annabelle Fleury wants to pay tribute to Port-Louis’ history, through its old streets, where we can still see some of the old walls and houses that are rarely noticed by passers-by who’re in a hurry. 


The texture of the cracked, old-aged walls, where the paint is almost gone, washed-out or flaking is a source of inspiration for Annabelle Fleury. For her, the cracks on the walls become geometrical patterns from which she draws her inspiration for her dresses.


The screwed-up windows and handrails, the torn canopy, the old doors patched up using chunks of wood or metal sheets are what’s left of Port-Louis’ proud history. Annabelle Fleury’s collection is based on the remains of this past; her outfits are adorned with an assembly of strips, recalling the overlapping and interlacing of pieces of wood and metal sheets.


The designer’s collection is also based on the small Creole houses of Port-Louis, some of which are still proudly standing despite time and newly-built modern concrete houses. For Annabelle Fleury, Creole houses are fully representative of Port-Louis’ glorious history, with their roofs made of metal sheets and adorned with metal lace. Her collection is filled with gatherings, pleats and ruching, creating curved and vertical lines just like the fluted metal sheets of the Creole houses. 


With this collection, Annabelle Fleury chooses to put in the limelight what remains of Port-Louis’ glorious past and charms.

Outfit made of two pieces : a dress and a jacket. Sleeveless three-toned dress with Tunisian neckline. On the front of the dress, assembly of geometrical strips. Long-sleeved draped jacket...
Rs 2,500
Sleeveless three-coloured dress with Tunisian neckline.  On the front of the dress, assembly of wide diagonal strips. On the front and back, yoke belted at the waist.  ..
Rs 2,100
Outfit made up of two pieces: a strapless dress and a jacket. Two-coloured strapless dress with strips sewn on the front of the dress in a curve-like manner. Long-sleeved two-coloured jacket. Asymmetrical jacket. Thin strips sewn on the outline of the jacket and at the base of the sleeves...
Rs 2,100
Outfit made up of two pieces: a tank top and a jacket. Tank top with rounded neckline. Long-sleeved two-toned jacket. Wide strip sewn on the outline of the jacket, creating a piping effect. ..
Rs 1,600
Long-sleeved and V-neck two-toned dress. In the middle front, wide black strip sewn vertically. Wide black strips sewn vertically at the hemline on the front and back of the dress. Black strips sewn on the sleeves, at the armholes and shoulder line on the front and back...
Rs 2,100
Two-coloured dress with round neckline. Trompe-l’œil dress styled as a top and pencil skirt. Thin black belt sewn between the top and the skirt.  Flutter-sleeved dress with thin black strips at the base of the sleeves...
Rs 1,900
Cut-out dress, revealing the skin. Thin diagonal strips sewn to the necklace collar...
Rs 1,900
Dress with wide straps and heart-shaped neckline. At the back, cut-out dress, revealing the skin. Diagonal strips sewn to a wide necklace collar. ..
Rs 2,100
Outfit made up of two pieces: a strapless dress and a cloak. Two-toned strapless dress with a wide strip sewn at the hemline. Cloak with rounded hemline.  Wide trim at the base of the hemline. Smocked shoulder line and on the middle front and back of the cloak, in a draped manner. ..
Rs 2,100
Outfit made up of two pieces: a strapless dress and a cloak. Two-toned strapless dress with a wide strip sewn at the hemline. Thin strip sewn on the middle of the wide strip. Fluid cloak with an oblique cut. Cloak with smocked shoulder line, in a draped manner...
Rs 2,100
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