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The Urban adventure collection - clothing line is a collection resulting from the explorations of the stylist Annabelle Fleury whereby fashion and landscape come together. Like a bird hovering in the sky, Annabelle Fleury has been inspired by the different aerial views during her recent travels and has redesigned the urban elements observed from above to create shapes in the garment. 

Seen from the sky, the perspectives change and the change of perspective allows the designer to have a different look on the urban environment. The Urban adventure collection is a collection of pieces inspired by these various aerial views. Thus, flats and buildings seen from the sky become geometric fragments, adjacent streets become lines, the regular furrows of a cane field seen from the sky are similar to drapes on a garment. Annabelle Fleury adopts a simple but sophisticated line for her dresses, embellished with refined guipure lace.  The designer’s collection lays emphasis on a play of drapes that’s declined on dresses

This collection provides a surprising connection between nature, architecture and fashion. This journey above the city sees the urban world in a new form, making it much more poetic.

Sleeveless top. Top twisted on the front creating gathers. ..
Rs 1,100
Wrap-over dress gathered at the waist. Large strip gathered on the right side. Large strip extending on the front into a panel. Panel creating a draped-like effect...
Rs 2,100
Two-toned dress with a V-neckline on the front and on the back. A wide black border sewn at the neckline. Dress with an elastic waist revealing the shoulder. Top with great volume creating a draped-like effect.  ..
Rs 2,100
Outfit made up of two pieces : a top and a skirt.  Two-toned top including an asymmetrical neckline layered with a wide black strip. Wide black strip assembled to the cut and partly exposing the skin.  Dress features gathering on the sides creating a wrap effect. Skirt with an elastic wais..
Rs 2,500
Dress with an asymmetrical neckline and gathered at the waist. In the back, strip running along the neck and extending in a sleeve. Slit dress gathered on the left side...
Rs 2,100
Wrap-over dress with an elastic waist. On the bottom, asymmetrical skirt with an oblique cut gathered on the left side...
Rs 2,300
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