Oriya is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of individuals who use its website: https://www.oriya.mu   

None of your personally identifiable information will be deliberately disclosed to any third party without your prior consent, as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

You have full control over the personal data you provide to Oriya online. You may:

• Request a copy of your personal data

• Request an amendment or update of your personal data

• Request that we delete your personal data from our records

To do so, please contact us via the contact info on the "Contact Us" page

The site www.oriya.mu collects information such as the Name, the Postal address, the Mail as well as the Phone Number of its customers with the only aim of realizing an optimal processing of the orders and a successful commercial follow-up.

Indeed, the telephone number will allow us to contact you for the final confirmation of your order, to contact you for the delivery or in case of any issue with your order. 

For marketing campaigns, your e-mail address can be used to inform you of news concerning www.oriya.mu  (newsletters, new products, possible promotions, etc.)

Your name and address (if applicable, the name and postal address of the recipient of the product) must be communicated to us and will be communicated to our shipping providers in order to successfully deliver the packages.

All your details will only be used by www.oriya.mu in a purely commercial context, so none of your personal data will be used by a third party or resold. Oriya is committed to protecting the privacy of the user visiting its website and ensuring the confidentiality of their information.
Moreover, the user has the right to access, edit and delete their personal data.

When you visit our website, information about your navigation may be recorded in "Cookies" files installed on your device, subject to the choices you have made concerning Cookies and which you can edit at any time.
Also, upon your first visit to our website, you will be asked whether or not you accept the installation of this type of cookie, which will only be activated upon your acceptance.

What’s a Cookie?

Cookies are small files that websites place on your computer's hard drive upon your first visit.
Cookies can help you be more efficient. Have you ever put an item in a virtual shopping cart on an online store and returned a few days later and saw that your item was still there? This is an example of how cookies work.

Cookies allow you to store preferences and user names, save products and services, and to personalise pages.
But if you've never saved or left any personal information on a website, then the server is informed that someone with your cookie has returned to the website. It doesn't know anything else.
There are different types of cookies:
- Session cookies that disappear as soon as you leave the browser or the website
- Permanent cookies that remain on your device until their lifetime expires or until you delete them using your browser's features.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies mainly for the following purposes:

-To facilitate navigation on our website by taking advantage of all its features and in particular to:
To optimise the user experience and facilitate navigation,
To record the information indicating that the user has seen the "cookies" information banner and has continued to browse, thus agreeing to the insertion of cookies on their device;
To implement security measures.

- Adapting our website to the display preferences of your device (display resolution, operating system used, configuration and settings for the web page display according to the device you are using and its location, etc.)

- Audience tracking cookies whose purpose is to improve user comfort by helping us understand your interactions with our website (most visited pages, applications used, etc.); these cookies can be used to produce statistics, or to test different displays in order to improve the interest and ergonomics of our services.