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Order tracking

Track the progress of your order

To track the progress of your order, log in to your account. Once in your personal space, click on "My Orders > View Order History" to see the details.

From this page, you can follow the progress of your orders in the "Order Status" column. The information in this field indicates the status of your order:

1) Pending validation

2) In progress

3) Delivery on the way

4) Completed

5) Delivered

6) Cancelled

Oriya's team updates the status of your order from payment to delivery.

From this page, you can also view your order information by clicking on the order number you wish to view. You will be able to see your orders paid, delivered or in progress.

They are detailed as follows:

•    Order # (Order number - by clicking on it you can see the details of your order)

•    Date (Date of the order)

•    Payment method

•    Delivery method 

•    Recipient (Shipping address)

•    Total amount of the order

•    Expected delivery date 

•    Status (Order status allows you to track the status of your order to view its progress)

•    Download PDF (allows you to download your order information or print your invoice)

•    Comment (your recommendations regarding your order)

Track the delivery of your package 

In order to track your delivery, simply view the comments related to the status of your order in the Order History section. When your order is at the delivery stage, the comment will specify the tracking number of your package with a link to track the delivery. This will give you an overview of the progress of your package since it was shipped. This information will also allow you to contact the carrier if needed to know more about the status of your package delivery.

Should you encounter any issue, you can also contact us by clicking here.