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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The present general conditions of sale, hereinafter called the “General Conditions”, regulate all terms of distance selling between any user of the Oriya website wanting to complete a purchase on the Internet site (hereinafter called the “Internet user”) and the Oriya company, whose head office is located at Edgar Laurent street, Curepipe, Mauritius (hereinafter called “Oriya”)

Oriya’s main activity is to carry out distance selling of garments and accessories on the Internet site Oriya can be brought to modify some of these clauses at any time. These modifications are effective as soon as they are online and will be applied to orders placed after these alterations appear online. Oriya considers that the act of validating an order on the site carries with it full and complete acceptance of the present terms and conditions of sale by the Internet user.

The Internet user must log in for his order to be registered. All Internet users must first create an account and get registered before placing an order. After validation of the order, the Internet user will be contacted for a final confirmation of his order. Every client’s order will be considered as acceptance of the price and description of product. Oriya reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order when there is sufficient reason (payment problems, previous experience…).

An order cannot be processed by Oriya if the customer has not:

-completed the payment of their order
-modify incorrect information (e.g. wrong measurements). Both parties have 3 working days to mutually validate that the instructions have been correctly altered. If the deadlines are not met by the customer, Oriya cannot be held responsible for any delay in delivery. Past this deadline, the order will be automatically cancelled. 

An order is cancelled:

-When an order remains pending after more than 3 business days.
- When the customer informs us about their withdrawal only upon the final confirmation that we make to the customer for their order.
Oriya reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order for any other legitimate reason.

The prices indicated on the website are exclusive of delivery charges. Product prices are adjusted according to the geographical location of the customer's IP address.
Oriya reserves the right to modify its prices at any time but, the products will be invoiced based on the rates applicable on the validation date of the order by the customer.

The offer of a product or service on the website at a given time does not imply or guarantee the availability of that product or service at any time. We reserve the right to discontinue the production of any product at any time. We reserve the right to change these terms from time to time without notice. 
If a product is unavailable after the customer has placed an order, we will inform the customer by email or telephone. The customer's order will be automatically suspended and if we have already received payment for your order, we will refund the amount involved.

We do our best to display as accurately as possible the characteristics of our products, including their composition and colours. 
While we try to accurately display the colours of our products on the web, the colours displayed depend on your monitor and its settings. We cannot guarantee that the colours displayed on your monitor will be the same as the colour of the product upon delivery. Therefore, the products may vary slightly from the images and illustrations displayed on our online boutique.

Oriya provides the customer with several payment methods to facilitate the payment of their order 

•   Payment by bank transfer or by JUICE
   Payment by debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard)
•   Payment by PayPal
No order will be validated if no payment is effected for any reason whatsoever. 

The delivery time of an order is 5 to 10 days starting from the final confirmation of the order and once we have obtained the necessary information for the proper processing of the order. This time frame is approximate and does not take into account all external factors that may affect the delivery time (unfavourable weather conditions, curfew, confinement, etc...). Oriya cannot be held responsible for a delay in delivery due to the non-confirmation of an order. 

An order could be delivered in a shorter time frame if requested by the customer. This request must be discussed prior and depending on the period, we reserve the right to accept or decline the request. An express order will not incur any additional charges to the customer.

Oriya will not be held responsible for any consequences due to a delay in delivery through no fault of its own.
In case of damaged packages (already opened, missing products...), the customer agrees to notify the carrier and Oriya, by all means, within 3 working days following the receipt of the product.

Any additional shipping charges will be applied by Oriya for the return of an order.

No return or exchange of a product in perfect condition can be made once the order has been delivered. Custom-made garments are non-refundable and are exchangeable only in case of an error on our part. If the garment is the result of an incorrect measurement on your part, we cannot be held responsible. The measurements given on your online purchase are the only ones Oriya considers accurate, so it's important to take accurate measures and to follow our measurement guide available on the website.  
Your preferences and the customization of an order must be clearly stated upon final confirmation of your order before your order is processed.

Oriya shall only return a product if it has been damaged during the production of the order or in its original packaging. The returned product must not be washed and must not show any obvious signs of use beyond a simple try-on. Oriya reserves the right to refuse the exchange if the returned products do not meet these conditions.
Oriya will bear the shipping costs for the return of a defective product.

In the case of a request for an alteration, it must be justified by an aesthetic defect of the custom-made garment. However, Oriya is available for small adjustments if needed after the delivery of an order such as shortening the length of a garment or tightening the bottom of a garment. Minor touch-ups/ alterations/ adjustments, will be free of charge to the customer. 

More complex alterations, will be evaluated directly with the customer and will be studied on a case to case basis. The customer has a maximum of 10 days for the alteration of the garments following the delivery of the products. Any garment washed by the customer is not covered by the alteration guarantee because washing can alter the fibres of the fabric. Any complaint formulated after this period will not be accepted. For all alterations, the customer will have to come to Oriya's workshop in order to inform us of the modifications she wishes to make to the garment. 
If the garment has been incorrectly measured by the customer, and as a result, there is a need for alterations, Oriya reserves the right to refuse any alteration or to charge an alteration fee.

Please note that no fabric allowance is included in the tailored garments, so it will not be possible to lengthen a garment or enlarge its size. Therefore, your preferences and customization of an order (e.g. tight-fitted dress or longer dress) should be clearly stated upon the final confirmation of your order, i.e. before the production of your order.

All our products are made upon request and hand-made, they are custom-made products and made in a unique design for the customer. As a result, it is not possible to offer refunds or exchanges of products. Custom-made garments can only be exchanged in case of an error on our part. If the garment is the result of an incorrect measurement on your part, we cannot be held responsible. The measurements given on your online purchase are the only ones Oriya considers accurate, so it's important to take accurate measures and to follow our measurement guide available on the website.  
If for any reason, we are unable to process your order (material shortage or colour shortage), we will inform you as soon as possible. If we have already received the payment for your order, we will refund the corresponding amount. The customer will not be able to obtain any compensation other than the respective refund or replacement of the product if it has been paid.

For all our custom-made or personalized products, the withdrawal right cannot be applied once we have obtained the customer's final confirmation for their order. Cancellation of an order is not allowed once it has been validated, as these are custom-made and personalized products. An order that has already been processed involves irrecoverable costs (fabrics, tailors' time, etc.). Therefore, the order cannot be cancelled and no refund is possible.

The use of the Internet site is strictly reserved to private use. All the garments, accessories, texts, comments, books, illustrations and pictures, whether visual or sound, including underlying technology, and reproduced on the site, are protected under laws of copyright, patent and image. They are the full and entire propriety of Oriya or its partners. All reproduction or representation, of all or part, shall constitute a counterfeit that can commit the civil and criminal liability of its author.

The site collects information such as the Name, the Postal address, the Mail as well as the Phone Number of its customers with the only aim of realizing an optimal processing of the orders and a successful commercial follow-up.

Indeed, the telephone number will allow us to contact you for the final confirmation of your order, to contact you for the delivery or in case of any issue with your order. 

For marketing campaigns, your e-mail address can be used to inform you of news concerning  (newsletters, new products, possible promotions, etc.)

Your name and address (if applicable, the name and postal address of the recipient of the product) must be communicated to us and will be communicated to our shipping providers in order to successfully deliver the packages.

All your details will only be used by in a purely commercial context, so none of your personal data will be used by a third party or resold. Oriya is committed to protecting the privacy of the user visiting its website and ensuring the confidentiality of their information.
Moreover, the user has the right to access, edit and delete their personal data.