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Our commitments

No to overproduction and waste

Oriya only produces tailor-made garments upon request in order to avoid textile overproduction. This way, we avoid the wasteful dumping of overstock in landfills. We work without stock and produce only what we sell. Thanks to our on-demand production, we do not keep any stock and we do not have any unsold items. Making tailor-made clothes is a way for our brand to streamline the production of clothes in order to move away from fast fashion and to produce responsibly for a more sustainable and ethical fashion.

Timeless style

As a manufacturer of tailored clothing, we want to stay away from passing trends. Our brand is not looking for the fashion of the moment that will be obsolete in 6 months but rather we look for designs to create timeless pieces that fit perfectly and can be worn for many years without going out of fashion. We are committed to eco-responsible fashion through our timeless collections.

Local production

All our clothes are designed and produced in Mauritius. We mainly work with brands that support local know-how and artisans. We favour the shortest possible production cycle in order to control the production and the manufacturing context. Our goal is to reduce the carbon impact in order to evolve towards a positive approach on our planet.