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Why tailor-made?

Why tailor-made?

We only make tailor-made clothes in order to give everyone the opportunity to dress regardless of their body type. The sizes proposed in the ready-made clothing are standard and are not adapted to each one because we all have a body with physical specificities and specific measurements.

Thus, finding a well-proportioned dress when you are short and thick, or conversely tall and thin, is a headache in ready-made clothing. 

With tailor-made clothing, you will not find it difficult to find your size and, it will not be up to you to adapt to the clothes, but it will be the clothes that will adapt to your morphology.

Our aim is to make clothes that fit you perfectly, according to your needs and desires. The garment will be a unique piece of clothing, sewn especially for you to give you a feeling of exclusivity.

The advantage of tailor-made clothing is that it fits perfectly and adapts to the body's movements, making the garment more comfortable to wear.

The tailor-made garment is also of the highest quality thanks to the careful individual design, which creates an impeccable look and perfect finish.

Tailor-made clothing is a handmade creation and not an industrial one. Oriya values the importance of handmade and Made in Mauritius through its tailor-made clothing. Behind a tailor-made garment are passionate artisans working meticulously to guarantee you a quality work.