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Customise your order

Customise your order

Any garment ordered will be made as the photos displayed on the website. However, if you wish to make alterations to our designs, customisation of orders upon request is possible and this service is free of charge.
We only personalise the products we sell.

It is also possible upon request and depending on our availability, to make a request for a faster collection of the order (in 2-3 days for example). This service is free of charge and it is advisable to inform us in advance of the desired timeframe for the collection of your order.

If you order online, you can personalise your order by adding a comment about your order at the final stage of your purchase. If you are ordering from our workshop, it is advisable to let us know on the spot if you wish to customise your order.

We offer our clients the possibility to alter

The fitting of a garment
If not requested upon ordering, the fitting of the garment will be as shown in the photo. However, the fitting of a garment can be modified upon request, so we can add or remove ease to a garment.

The length of a garment
The length of the garment as shown in the photo can be altered upon request. We can shorten or lengthen the length of the garments in a reasonable way (by 10 cm maximum).

The colours
The colour suggestions as displayed on the website can be altered upon request depending on the availability of colours we have in stock. For example, we can reverse the colours in an outfit or change a plain outfit into a two-tone one. When you place your order, it is therefore advisable to inform us of your preferences and we will inform you of the availability of your colour choice. 

The style positioning 
Depending on the style, the positioning of a garment as shown in the photo can be changed upon request. For aesthetic reasons (tattoos, scars etc.) it is possible to change the positioning of an asymmetry or the style of a garment. When ordering, it is therefore recommended to inform us of your preferences.