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In the case of a request for an alteration, it must be justified by an aesthetic defect of the custom-made garment. However, Oriya is available for small adjustments if needed after the delivery of an order such as shortening the length of a garment or tightening the bottom of a garment. Minor touch-ups/ alterations/ adjustments, will be free of charge to the customer. 

More complex alterations, will be evaluated directly with the customer and will be studied on a case to case basis. The customer has a maximum of 10 days for the alteration of the garments following the delivery of the products. Any garment washed by the customer is not covered by the alteration guarantee because washing can alter the fibres of the fabric. Any complaint formulated after this period will not be accepted. For all alterations, the customer will have to come to Oriya's workshop in order to inform us of the modifications she wishes to make to the garment. 

If the garment has been incorrectly measured by the customer, and as a result, there is a need for alterations, Oriya reserves the right to refuse any alteration or to charge an alteration fee.

Please note that no fabric allowance is included in the tailored garments, so it will not be possible to lengthen a garment or enlarge its size. Therefore, your preferences and customization of an order (e.g. tight-fitted dress or longer dress) should be clearly stated upon the final confirmation of your order, i.e. before the production of your order.