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BCBG Collection
The BCBG collection – line of garments is an expedition to a world of luxury where classic style combines with smart and elegant garments. 

For this collection, Annabelle Fleury draws her inspiration from the lifestyle of the upper middle classes and wealthy aristocracy. The behavioral and fashion style of the posh look assumed by the middle-class folks echo a privileged way of living. The posh dress code is characterized by pure and refined lines, elegant and simple cuts, with a touch of distinctiveness. Classic lines and exquisite products are favored as the designer brings to the fore the characteristics of that look through refined cuts and a choice of noble materials such as guipure lace. Annabelle Fleury adopts a simple but sophisticated line for her dresses, embellished with refined guipure lace. The patterns of the guipure lace on the arms, the bust and back slightly disclose the skin, and dress up one’s silhouette with refinement and subtlety.  
This collection is characterized by a sophisticated work through the assembly of thin black strips on mesh. Annabelle Fleury’s collection lays emphasis on a play of drapes that’s declined on dresses of shiny appearance.
With this collection, the designer promotes the sophisticated posh look that is representative of the upper middle class, and that has now become standard fashion design and remains a source of inspiration for designers.
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