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Ocean Waves Collection
The Ocean Waves collection – line of garments takes us to the marine world where the extraordinary forms of waves merge with a wide array of colors.

For this collection, Annabelle Fleury draws her inspiration from the variety and diversity of waves. Waves can be calm, deafening or chopped, depending on the wind and the sea bed typology, and thus have different forms that can either be undulating, hollow, curved or flat. The designer tried to reproduce the undulating forms of waves on her garments. The whole collection is decorated with drapes which come in a variety of forms on the dresses. The drapes, when falling, create ribbed shapes that recall the oscillating motion of the waves.

The garments of this collection are adorned with a play of twists on the front of dresses, on straps, or on a top, thereby recalling the crest of a wave crushing or surging on cliffs.

Annabelle Fleury 
favors colors that recall the ocean and the waves. Teal blue and white are associated on a same outfit to recall the inextricable linked waves and white foam. Greyish-beige and chocolate brown recall the cliffs and rocks where the waves come crushing.

Waves, through their force and power can be both violent and soothing. This collection is an ode to the beauty of waves and to fantastic nature which is a timeless source of inspiration for the designer.

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