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Arty-chic Collection
With the arty-chic collection, we are carried away by the arty style where urban graphic trends combine with a colourful and pop spirit. 
Graphic and geometric shapes hold a prominent role in the arty style. Annabelle Fleury inspired herself from this form of art to create geometric shapes by placing side by side and superposing strips of cloth of different shimmering colours.
The arty spirit, inspired by fashion and decoration references from the 50s to the 70s, is marked by a blend of styles of different time periods. The designer chose, for her dresses, to assemble rounded shapes in a retro manner, as an allusion to the arty furniture whose round forms, which are intended to be both design and vintage, are typical of that period.
This collection is also comprised of pieces that make reference to abstract art, where the garment becomes a visual language of forms, colours and lines, thereby creating a composition. Annabelle Fleury's collection is filled with unstructured, offbeat and asymmetrical forms.
By designing a collection of garments of bright and daring colours, Annabelle Fleury puts forward the pop and coloured world of the arty style. The designer chose to recall the abundance of colours of that style by assembling a tangle of coral, azalea and red strips on one same garment.
This collection is a tribute to the boldness of the arty style, which constantly inspires designers around the world.
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