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Road trip collection
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Road trip collection
With the Road Trip collection - line of garments, we embark on an itinerant trip where unexpected discoveries at the bend of a road rhyme with adventure and a sense of freedom. The Road trip collection is the outcome of the designer’s explorations of the countryside. Travelling for long hours by car, on wild and exceptional roads, enables the discovery of spectacular landscapes. When taking alternative routes or waiting for the lights to turn green…everything is a reason to unwind and enjoy an encounter with nature. A range of mountains on B9 road, rows of sugar cane fields, a far-away rainbow, a blue-hued sky, contemplating the most extraordinary viewpoints of the island, or simply noticing the road markings while driving are all sources of interest for the designer. Annabelle Fleury drinks in new landscapes while going on unknown destinations and gets imbued with these different atmospheres. 
The Road trip collection is filled with pieces that are inspired from those different improvised trips. Annabelle Fleury creates graphic effects with contrasting details on her dresses. She chooses, for the dresses, an assembly of different materials for a same piece of garment. Thus, a piece of fishnet interwoven into a checked pattern on a garment recalls the checkerboard pattern of roads. A dress in shades of orange is a reminder of the shades of the sky seen earlier. The fall of the drape of a dress creates fluted shapes which, when floating in the wind, recall the waves of sugar cane flowers dancing in the fields.
This nomadic collection is an invitation to travel. With this collection, the designer puts forward the freedom to travel which can be obtained on a road trip, both through mind wandering as well as by glimpsing the unexpected but authentic rhythm of the road. 
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